Each year Jr. High and High School students in Montgomery County participate in a science fair called the Montgomery County Science Day (MCSD). The University of Dayton has supported the Science Day for several years through the University's personnel and resources. Since 2001, UDRI assumed the full role of MCSD host from the President's office and is integral to the coordination of the event with various University of Dayton offices including food services (to feed more than 450 students, parents, and judges), security, parking services, facility management, and UD Printing. UDRI looks forward to representing the University of Dayton as the host for the MCSD for many years to come. The contributions and cooperation from the various organizations within the University as well as the UDRI employees has been very encouraging and is much appreciated by the MCSD committee.

We tend to focus on the students that participate but the teachers on the MCSD Committee also benefit while contributing to the success of the Fair. The MCSD committee has twenty-eight standing members that plan, organize and orchestrate the Fair in March. Of this number, twenty are active or retired educators, with those now teaching making great sacrifices in both time and energy to contribute to the MCSD effort. Our teacher-members have won a number of awards for their excellence and dedication to science education in general and even the science fair process in particular, benefits they enjoy along with the knowledge they gain for the furtherance of their student's education. Participation in the MCSD process improves the expertise that they bring to their student's education by exposing them to other teachers' curricula, particularly if they are chosen to accompany our students to the ISEF. Previously, the Dayton Daily News reported that 14 Miami Valley teachers received the Governor's Awards for "Excellence in Youth Science Opportunities". Four of these teachers are members of the MCSD Committee.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Montgomery County Science Day Committee is to promote and further the education of all of our students in the areas of science, engineering and mathematics. While accomplishing this goal, we endeavor to fill and keep filled the pipeline of qualified science, engineering and mathematics students to satisfy the science and engineering needs of our industrial, health services and educational community. We will achieve this mission by accomplishing the following seven objectives:

  • To give our students a chance to have fun while having an opportunity to present the results of their science and engineering experimentation at local, state and international levels.
  • To give students the chance to have an experience which will cause them to apply the Scientific Method: state the problem, research the problem, hypothesize the answer, experiment, evaluate data, form a conclusion.
  • To create lasting interest in science, mathematics and engineering in all our students whether participants or observers.
  • To give the students from schools in Montgomery County a chance to be recognized for their work in the area of science, mathematics or engineering at the local, national and international levels.
  • To give the Montgomery County teachers a chance to be recognized for their work with their students and to provide ideas and inspiration for their classroom curricula.
  • To develop a greater participation in science and Science Day from all schools in Montgomery County.
  • To give local colleges, industry and the general public a chance to see the quality of our young people and interact with Science Day participants as observers and judges.